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The adventures of an asexual mormon autistic japanophile otaku geek nerd cis girl. She/her pronouns. Double-majoring in Japanese and Asian Studies. I use a walker due to severe vertigo and may have EDS.
Current obsessions: Teen Titans, Dragon Age.
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I like that in DA:O you can make out with Alistair literally anywhere at any time

I’m so sad they took that function out of DA2 it would have been so much fun to just stop everything to make out with Anders for like ten minutes in front of the Chantry and make everyone super uncomfortable

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  • me: *finishes video game*
  • me: *reevaluates life*
  • me: *listens to video game ost 362743 times*
  • me: *cries for eternity*


people who refer to the mage origin as “amell” origin


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I had someone on the train platform ask me to dinner while I was wearing my Anders cosplay today, and I just had to wonder: what gender did they think I was, and did it matter? Do they actually play Dragon Age, or is it just their policy to ask out weirdos wearing bad blond wigs and lots of feathers in 90 degree weather? Why would I go to dinner while my walker was piled with three bags, a laptop case, and a pillow? So many questions which will never be answered.




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We’re seeking submissions of Young Adult stories with asexual/aromantic main characters! We’re looking for main characters ages 14-18 who experience positive character growth though the story.

Please see the information in the poster above or check our our submission guidelines.

See a more complete list of what we’re looking for at the original post. And please, give us feedback if there’s something you’d like to see that we’ve left out.

I will boost this as much as possible. Seeing ace stories when I was younger would have made a world of difference, and even now that I’m older and know what I identify as, there still aren’t enough stories about people like me. Kudos to HIP for being so proactive about the representation available through their publishing house.

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The Inquisitor

  • The British male voice actor for the Inquisitor is Harry Hadden-Patton, and the American male voice actor is Jon Curry.
  • The British female voice actor for the Inquisitor is Alix Wilton Regan, and the American female voice actor is Sumalee Montano.
  • The…

Dear Forensic Files, maybe it’s not the best idea to have life insurance commercials during a case where someone was murdered for their life insurance money. Just an FYI. Love, me.

The worst part of Forensic Files marathons is when I find myself critiquing people’s crimes. “Why would you bludgeon someone in a carpeted room?” “Leaving the remains in a plastic bag means they won’t decompose as well, and it’s far less likely they’ll be scattered by scavengers!” “Really? Your excuse was ‘a horse kicked her’? She works with them for a living—why would she step behind a panicked horse!?”

Finished my Anders cosplay (except for the fiddly fabric paint bits) and wore it to FantasyCon today, where I encountered a fearsome golem! (The lovely woman beside me holding Ser Pounce-A-Lot is my sister, who agreed to cosplay as Tranquil Hawke as a last-minute sort of thing, although she looks far too cheerful to be Tranquil. Guess Justice must have cured her.)