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I saw this listed as a bug on a Skyrim marriage wiki and I can’t stop laughing. THAT’S NOT HOW YOU ATTRACT A MATE, VILKAS.

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what do we say to the god of death?

not today *sets difficulty to casual*

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i’ll stop dressing in black when they invent a darker colour



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I’m putting these up again because apparently I failed horribly at clicking earlier tonight. And at noticing I failed horribly at clicking. And two of the banners we made got left out. Sorry!

So, like I said in the original post, I know I mentioned that we were working on a campaign to increase the variety of submissions we get.

Well, here is the first round of graphics. I know this doesn’t cover everything (even when you consider we deliberately left gay out because we have close to 70% gay stories), but it’s a start.

Feedback is welcome. If there’s an orientation/identity you’d like us to include in our next round, please let me know. We truly want to publish books that represent the whole rainbow spectrum, and we want to spread around graphics and posters that represent that.

For more details, see our submission guidelines.

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Welp, I don’t feel so bad for critiquing people’s crimes on Forensic Files anymore, seeing as one of the investigators was just doing the same thing. “Come on, you’ve got all that blood on your ceiling, and you just give up on covering it? People are going to see that! Use a little effort, man!”



This awesome arboreal dwelling is the Living the High Life Tree House created by Blue Forest, a British tree house design and construction firm. It’s a luxury family-sized complex featuring two separate tree houses, one for kids and one for their parents. The elevated dwellings are connected by a network of rope bridges which also lead to an adventure play area and an assault course, the latter of which is also accessible via an 80-yard zip line.

It may look rustic, but this is a top-of-the-line tree house. The kids’ house features three medieval towers, and inside one of them a concealed hatch in the upper floor leads to a secret game room containing a plasma TV and video game console. Meanwhile the grown-ups’ treehouse features a conical thatched roof and interior walls made of hand-split oak shingles and cedar tongue-and-groove boards. Inside there’s a kitchen (complete with plenty of wine storage), bathroom, and a large open living area for treetop entertaining. The complex also features accommodations for guests of the family.

Head over to the Blue Forest website to check out more of their amazing custom-built tree houses.

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I would live in this forever.

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you start up the new dragon age. excited to make your own character with their own personality and story line. you press start but there is no character creation screen. you don’t choose a name or race or class. there is only one choice and that choice is sandal. you’ve been fooled. you must play as sandal. the only dialogue choices are variations on the word enchantment. it’s the best game you’ve ever played.

I would play this. 


Handy Guide to Pronouns!

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